Will I ever learn?

As I found myself trying to ram a towel into the already very full washing machine the other morning, just so I didn't have to leave it looking messy on the kitchen floor, it struck me that I regularly do a lot of things that I go on to regret. Take, for instance, all the times I've opened the fridge door to find just the tiniest drop of milk, but somehow convinced myself that it will be ok, because the magic milk fairy will come and top it up for me so I don't have to walk the ten minutes down to the shop. But then fast forward a couple of hours when I'm gagging for a cup of tea, I go to the fridge and can't believe I've been so foolish as to let it run out. Or when it's late at night and I go to put something in the already very full bin, and I think 'I really should probably change that bin bag now' but then I think 'naaaaaaaaa' and push it all down to make room, knowing full well that I'll be cursing myself when I go to change it the next day and my nice clean jeans get covered in bin juice,

things I always regret doing but still do anyway