My parents came to stay last weekend. Actually, that's a lie, they came to stay four weeks ago, but this blog post has been on my to-do list ever since then.

Anyway, in anticipation of their arrival , I blocked out two hours on the Saturday in my iPhone calendar to clean the house upstairs, then two hours on the Sunday to clean the house downstairs. I did this so I wouldn't end up frantically running around on Thursday morning trying to get it all done and end up being late to meet them, as usually happens.

Of course Saturday came and went and no cleaning got done, so I moved the blocks to Sunday and Monday. And then on Sunday I decided to start watching Line of Duty, so no cleaning happened then either. So I moved the blocks to Monday and Tuesday. Then Tuesday and Wednesday. Then on Tuesday I didn't have time so I changed Wednesday's allotted time to four hours so I could do it all in one go (the exact thing I'd been trying to avoid). Then Wednesday was really busy, so what did I end up doing? Frantically cleaning upstairs until gone midnight, then getting up early on Thursday morning to finish it off before dashing to meet my parents at the station. 

Not sure what the moral of this story is but I'm pretty sure that in the time it took me to make those cleaning events in my calendar, move them around endlessly, write this blog post, and make this pie chart, that I could have got a heck of a lot of cleaning done.

housework pie chart